Jul 13, 2013

Must I blog again?

Hey guys!

So, I have finally kept up on the news of Pandanda. To find out it has changed to iPandanda! I made my account. Seems like very few updates are being made but luckily, I might just blog again!

In other words, I will just make a few posts and depending on my schedules on the personal life. I will see how this blog will turn out!


~Klove101 aka Halley

Nov 6, 2012

A Switch Up

Hey everyone!

I know Pandanda closed. I was disappointed to see my online friends gone from Pandanda since it closed. But yeah I heard about Linux advertising the new game!
So Linux, if you want to. You can blog about it on here if you want! (Might have to make a few tweeks on your own haha)

I might make an account but I'm not going to be as active like usual.

When i make my account on Foxotic, i will let you all know my username!


Oct 29, 2012

Hey Everyone! Its Linux With Sad News...And Good News!

Just to inform you guys, on October 28,2012 Pandanda has officially closed down forever which made me sad and also which gave no point to this blog anymore ): i was devastated when i heard the news. Today is now October 29,2012 and i miss pandanda so much and you too klove its been a long while since we talked bro. I also have high school as well and i need to do my hardest and try my best to pass everything that comes in my way. I also have to practice playing basketball as i am planning to join the basketball team next year (; yet there is good news though...a new game called foxotic is just like pandanda and is rumored that it was made by the same pandanda team. Everyone will be Red foxes and this game will come to you and for everyone to play on August 2013!
Here is a photo of foxotic
Comment below on your opinion if you think this game will turn out great and or better than pandanda or do you think it will be worse. Comment down below xD

Oct 16, 2012

My late goodbyes

Hey everyone!
So I took a stroll down memory lane and was surprised to see this still being updated. So I want to say my goodbye.
I came back blogging last year not knowing what to expect out of this. I made such great friends throughout this time period. You know who you are! I had so much support and help from everyone in pandanda and I was so grateful.
Now I didn't quit cause I wanted to but cause I had to. High school is coming fast and I'm having an important year ahead of me and decided I needed to focus on my academics and sports like running and soccer. I will moss this game ever so much and it's been a blast.
So I saw how big of a hit the beta list was, so I'm deciding to appoint Linux/skip as the blogs admin. I trust you and please make the best of it!

Now I might make an appearance on pandanda around this time of month.

Thank you all for support, I won't forget this journey. This experience and you all will always be a part of me.

Until we meet again on pandanda hopefully


Oct 5, 2012

Dress Like Your Friends Day!

Wow, I feel like I am seeing double...and triple, and quadruple.... I've already gotten several pictures from pandas dressing like their friends today! It is really cool to see you all working together to find clothes that lots of you have alike.

Check out these pictures from some of my friends. Maybe they will inspire you and your friends!

Gabrijel3, patrik226, Sherman98cp
Vladetschi, Gabrijel3, Lolusqa, patrik226, Kevinawsome
OTIDAVI, izuta12
superasya, redgurl
You can still send me a picture of you and your friends dressed alike! Just email it to screenshots@pandanda.com.

Have fun with your friends!